Mute Swan

I recently got a couple of books to learn more about layering colors and general painting tips. I very quickly and roughly drew out an example from Painting Wildlife Step by Step by Rod Lawrence. It wasn’t a perfect sketch but I wanted to dive in and test layering color, here is what I ended up with. My example is on the left and the book example on the right. I learnt quite a bit and I hope to test some more from this book.

A Mute Swan bill in watercolor

What am I?

A little bit of fun here for any birdwatchers, can you work out what the 4 birds are that I have sketched??

Guess the birds

Guess the birds from the sketch

Each bird has a number, just write a comment, list numbers 1 to 4 and what bird (example: 1. Chicken, 2. Turkey etc…)

It’s just for fun so write away!